Schedule: Cost:

Tuesdays 9:30am Members: $13-$16/class depending on package

Thursdays 9:30am and 4pm Non-members: $14-$16/class depending on package

Saturdays 9:30am

What is MOVE??

In a nutshell….. Move  is a customized, zone-based, cardio training class with alternating segments of functional strength training.  All lead by a personal trainer.

Your “one-stop” workout!

Why is “MOVE" customized?

Using club-supplied heart rate monitors worn on each participants wrist, we assess and determine that individuals specific heart rate zones.  We then use those zones to develop and monitor each participant’s heart rate during all segments of the workout.

 What does zone-based cardio training mean in “MOVE"?

Zone-based cardio training simply stated is SMART cardio…..Cardio that is specific to achieving YOUR SPECIFIC goal.  That goal may be fat/weight loss, improving cardiovascular endurance, or reaching a performance-based goal. Your trainer will monitor heart rate and coach you so that your cardio minutes are not wasted, but are MOVEing you toward your goal!

How does strength training fit into “MOVE"?

We all know the importance of strength (resistance) training in both weight loss, and in functionality as we move through life.  “MOVE” class inserts segments of strength training between cardio segments.  Participants use bands, dumb bells, body weight, medicine balls and even machines to build lean body mass. Diligent attention to form and safe, yet effective, exercise will be given to each member. 

Due to its innate customization, MOVE is appropriate for ALL fitness levels!