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we offer over 50 free fitness classes each week for it's members.  

Group Fitness Class Descriptions


Barre Body: Barre moves are designed to tone your entire body; creating longer, leaner muscles & working you’re core. 45 minutes

Beginning Pilates: The focus of this class is to familiarize participants with Pilates mat work. It is an introductory level class that targets the core muscles of the abdomen and back while focusing on the pilates principals. 1 hour

Cardio Circuit: A series of stations set up for the participant. We will work for 2-3 minutes on strength exercised using hand weights, tubing or the body bar, alternating with 1 minute of different cardio exercises. This class is a total body conditioning workout.1 hour

Core Cycle: Push through 30 minutes of indoor cycling then hit the mat for 30 minutes of core strengthening & body toning exercises. 60 minutes

Cycle Circuit: This class adds circuit exercises to regular training drills on the spin bike. All levels 60 minutes

Functional Fitness: This class is designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, for resistance, chair is used for support. 50 minutes

Gentle Pilates: A slowly paced Pilate’s class that includes muscle stretching and core strengthening. Great for beginners or anyone that may need more time and/or equipment to assist their pilates movements. 1 hour

Gentle Yoga: Beginning Yoga that focuses on stretching and flexibility for those with limited upper body strength. 1 hour

HIIT: This class is a high-intensity interval training that alternates between 20 seconds of max training and 10 second rest periods for a total of eight rounds. 1 hour

Just Dance: This cardio freestyle dance class is designed to get your heart rate up while having fun! 50 minutes

Intermediate Step: Through stepping up actions on a platform, you work major muscles in your lower body. This class will increase your aerobic capacity while emphasizing fun and “unique” choreography. 1 hour

Intro to Spin: This class is offered the FIRST Tuesday of each month! Not just for beginners-This class is designed to acquaint the new spinner with technique and build overall comfort with indoor biking as well as bike set up and form which can benefit the long time spinner and make a difference to the quality of your workout. 40 minutes

Kickboxing: Develop new skills while discovering strength and attitude. This class is an intense cardio work-out with controlled jabs, punches, blocks, aggressive kicks, and easy to follow combinations. 50 minutes

PiYO: Combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength & flexibility advantages of yoga. 1 hour *Paddleboard Yoga: This class is in the pool doing yoga poses on the paddleboard. Challenge your yoga practice. 60 minutes

Power Water: The water will provide great resistance and add extra challenge to your cardio workout.

Strength Yoga Fusion: A unique mix of yoga, pilates, balance training, athletic plyometric with special focus on the core. This class with help you develop flexibility, strength, mind-body connection. 45 minutes

Tot’s in Motion: (ages 18 mo. -5 yrs) This class will have your kids playing with instruments (tambourines, maracas & drums) and dancing. 45 minutes

*TRX-Body Blast: We will use suspension straps and your body weight as resistance to increases strength, cardio, core & balance. 45 minutes
Water Aerobics: Exercises and strengthening utilizing both shallow and mid-water. 1 hour

Yoga Flow: Basic yoga poses that move quicker into the next pose. Building strength and flexibility. 1 hour Zumba: Latin dance to make you sweat. 30 minutes


In order to maintain class schedules, if the regular instructor cannot teach a substitute teacher will be provided rather than cancel the class.