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we offer over 50 free fitness classes each week for it's members.  

Group Fitness Class Descriptions


Barre/Pilates: This class combines mat pilates with barre movements at a standing ballet barre. It is great for training core and small muscle stabilizers to achieve total body toning and postural improvement. 

Beginning Pilates: The focus of this class is to familiarize participants with Pilates mat work. It is an introductory level class that targets the core muscles of the abdomen and back while focusing on the pilates principals.

Cardio Circuit:  A series of stations set up for the participant.  We will work for 2-3 minutes on strength exercised using hand weights, tubing or the body bar, alternating with 1 minute of different cardio exercises. This class is a total body conditioning workout. 1hour

Cardio Sculpt:  This uses alternating cardiovascular and strength training segments for a total body workout….a One-stop shop!

Cycle Circuit: Held in our spinning studio, this class combines spinning with dumbbell strength exercises to help tone your whole body.

CUT: Small-group, fee-based class led by a certified personal trainer that focuses on strength training with proper form in a circuit-based format.  You will get lean NEVER be bored! This class is held in the new functional fitness room as well as various locations throughout the weight room.

Flow Yoga:   This Yoga class focuses on stretching and flexibility for those with more limited strength, and/or  those newer to Yoga.

HIIT: (High Intensity Interval Training) This class uses high intensity movement to create an elevated heart rate response in an interval format.  Short, high-intensity bursts are alternated with recovery periods to create a unique workout that is more metabolically demanding and leaves you burning calories at an elevated rate up to 48-hours after your workout ends!

Just Dance: Cardio freestyle dance class is designed to get your heart rate up while having fun!

Intermediate Pilates:   This class is for those who have had prior instruction and understanding of Pilates fundamentals.

New more advanced exercises will be introduced and previous material will be reviewed to refine technique and build endurance.1hour

Intermediate Step:   This cardio class is most appropriate for those who have had prior instruction and/or have previously taken Step classes. New, more advanced exercises will be introduced as well as working through more familiar movements and combinations.

Just Abs:   This class needs little description.  Join us for a great, 15-minute ab workout to tune up that core!

Kick ‘N Groove This unique class gets your blood pumping with a fun, unique blend of kickboxing and cardio….no dance skills required!

KickBoxing:  Develop new skills while discovering strength, muscular endurance, and attitude! This class is an intense cardio work-out with controlled jabs, punches, blocks, and kicks, using easy to follow combinations.  

MOVE:  Small-group, fee-based class led by a certified personal trainer that includes both cardiovascular zone training for optimal fat burn, as well as strength training using dumbbells, barbells, bands,  medicine balls, machines and more for toning.  One-stop training!! 

PiYo: This class combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates, with the strength and flexibility benefits of Yoga, but with the speed cranked up a bit to deliver a low-impact, fat-burning workout that leaves you looking long and lean.

Power Water: This awesome workout delivers a higher energy water aerobics workout, but with the help of water buoyancy and support to protect your joints from impact.  Give it a try!

Sculpt & Strength:  This intense total body workout is designed to improve muscular strength and endurance for all fitness levels. Equipment options include; a step platform, hand held weights, kettlebells and/or resistance tubing. 

Spinning:  Ride into high gear with this exhilarating cardiovascular journey on a stationary cycle.

Step & Sculpt   This class is designed to give you a great cardio workout through the step work, while also taking time to use resistance training tools (dumb bells, bands, balls) to sculpt and tone your muscles.

Strength Yoga Fusion:  This class will help you work on flexibility and stability through Yoga-based movements, while also dedicating time to work on muscular strength and endurance through a variety of resistance training techniques.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga:   Based in Ashtanga this series include Sun Salutations and a strong focus on posture and breathing integration. The Vinyasa is the way in which the postures are connected with a flowing movement.

Water Aerobics:  This class uses a variety of exercises and strengthening techniques in both shallow and mid-water. Work on both cardiovascular health and muscle toning in the pool where your joints are much more protected from impact forces.  Get stronger, fitter and feet great!

Zumba: This fun class uses Latin, and other dance beats to make you sweat. You may barely realize you are working out!


In order to maintain class schedules, if the regular instructor cannot teach a substitute teacher will be provided rather than cancel the class.