Cherlyn Wichser
Cherlyn Wichser

B.A. Education, Luther College
amline University, graduate work
Certified Pilates Instructor

Cherlyn has expanded her training by receiving specialized certifications in Pilates for golf, qi gong and is a certified breast cancer exercise specialist.  Cherlyn’s passion for Pilates is unequivocal as is her desire to share it with others.  Cherlyn’s expertise will assist clients who are looking to improve performance in sports/activities, people that have incurred injuries or are experiencing over use issues and are looking for a different way t use their bodies and people who are interested in improving strength, flexibility, mindful movement and over all wellness.  Cherlyn’s training style is nurturing and demanding, compassionate and driven.  Pilates can be modified to meet any fitness ability, age group or activity level.  Experience Pilates on the mat in group classes or in personal training sessions in our private Pilates studio using the reformer, cadillac, Pilates chair and many other specialized Pilates apparatus.

Cell phone: (612) 940-0295
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