Laura McNiff - Director
Laura McNiff - Director

Personal Training/Group Ex & Marketing Director

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM & NETA)
Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Specialty Certifications in Bosu, Step, Kettle bells, , Mat Pilates, Silver Sneakers and TRX Suspension Training.
15 Years of Experience

Laura’s passion for teaching and training is unequivocal as is the desire to share it with others. Exercise is about more than developing strong muscles; exercise invokes the help of everything from your smallest cell in your brain to build your mental and physical strength. Though movement our systems are stimulated and strengthened, improving the tone and quality of our overall well-being. Exercise does not come in a one size fits all package, each person has their ideal routine that makes them fulfilled. Exercise should be fun as well as challenging with the long term goal of improving your health and happiness.

Cherlyn Wichser
Cherlyn Wichser

B.A. Education, Luther College
amline University, graduate work
Certified Pilates Instructor

Cherlyn has expanded her training by receiving specialized certifications in Pilates for golf, qi gong and is a certified breast cancer exercise specialist.  Cherlyn’s passion for Pilates is unequivocal as is her desire to share it with others.  Cherlyn’s expertise will assist clients who are looking to improve performance in sports/activities, people that have incurred injuries or are experiencing over use issues and are looking for a different way t use their bodies and people who are interested in improving strength, flexibility, mindful movement and over all wellness.  Cherlyn’s training style is nurturing and demanding, compassionate and driven.  Pilates can be modified to meet any fitness ability, age group or activity level.  Experience Pilates on the mat in group classes or in personal training sessions in our private Pilates studio using the reformer, cadillac, Pilates chair and many other specialized Pilates apparatus.

Cell phone: (612) 940-0295
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Bret Blackman
Bret Blackman

Bachelor of Science Degree, St. Cloud State University
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
AAS Degree Personal Training, St. Paul College
High School Strength and Conditioning Coach Specialist (IYCA-) In process
Olympic Lift Instructor (IYCA) In process
Bret has a passion for personal health and fitness. He recognizes the amazing benefits that a focus on activity adds to our quality of life. He also understands that life gets in the way and it’s not easy out there to maintain the necessary level of health and wellness on our own. We need trusted coaches in the most important areas of our lives in order to see our greatest gains.  He noticed during times in his own life that he was at his greatest level of health and performance when he had a coach guiding, motivating, and holding him accountable.  Now he can do that for you!

Bret provides years of experience and understanding of the body’s physical abilities at every stage in life. He spent the early years as an active youth athlete and continued his athletic focus into college training as a wrestler at St. Cloud State University. After school he served as an officer in the U.S. Navy where he began shifting his passion to coaching and training others. He has nearly 30 years of coaching and training experience at the youth and high school level and now serves as a personal training coach connecting with all ages and genders in a multitude of areas.

First time and Returning Health Seekers / Overall Fitness and Wellness / Nutrition / Strength-Agility-Power-Endurance / Coordination-Balance-Flexibility / Injury Prevention / Body Fat-Weight Loss and Management / Athlete Development and Performance / Youth Muscle and Fitness Development

Office: (651) 439-7611 ext. 50
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Cell: (651) 485-0780

Adam Paulson
Adam Paulson

Associates of Arts in Education Degree, Century College
Certified Personal Trainer (ACE )  In process
Stillwater Varsity Basketball Asst. Coach – 3 years
Stillwater Sophomore Head Coach -2nd Year
Private Basketball Training -3 years

My number one goal for my clients is to communicate the proper information that will help you achieve each of your goals. Another high priority is to assist in making your daily activities (whatever they may be) easier and more enjoyable for you. We have developed, and continue to develop, a training system that meshes traditional training methods and the fundamental principles of functional human movement. My desire to learn combined with experience as an athlete and understanding of how the body works, has prepared me to work with clients from every background. I would love to get to know you and help you in any way that I can!

Please contact Adam at or call 651-323-4216

Julianne Heil
Julianne Heil

Education:  Fitness Education: B.A. Biology and Exercise Science, St. Olaf College, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Yamuna Body Rolling Phase 1 certified

Julianne’s passion for personal training stems from a love of staying active and helping others improve. She wants to help her clients accomplish their true version of health, whether that means moving pain-free, losing excess weight, gaining strength and speed, or just being the healthiest they can be. Julianne truly believes exercising is the best way to be present in the moment, and live our lives unhindered and with intention.

Julianne has over three years of professional training experience and specializes in weight loss, nutrition, and corrective exercise.

If you have any fitness questions, please do not hesistant to ask!

Phone: (651) 336-3014